Steltzner Winery, Napa, Ca.

This 5,000 s/f Wine Tasting facility was the FIRST SIP winery in California. We provided engineering and installation assistance and saved the owner over 4 months in construction costs and TIME! 

Custom Residential

This custom residential home was engineered and installed by Shell Building Systems. Over 6,000 s/f of living space, this project was completely framed, sheared, rough electrical and windows in 26 days!

Saran Knight Affordable

Over 100,000 s/f of SIP panels were used on this project of 77 Affordable Housing Units. Savings:$1.875,000 per the Owner/Developer. Panels by Premier Building Systems.

Manch School-Las Vegas, NV. First SIP School in Nevada.

Managed by Shell Building Systems; SIPs by Premier Industries; $2,000,000 in cost savings incluidng 80% reduction of framing times and 74% Energy Savings to the School District.


Shell Building Systems is one of the most experienced distribution companies in the U.S.. With over 40+ years of experience in ENGINEERED BUILDING SYSTEMS, Shell has intsalled more SIP projects than any other company in the U.S.

We have worked througout the U.S., Hawaii, Eastern Europe (5,000 homes for the World Bank) and are recognized leaders in Engineered Building technolgy.  Since 1971, SHELL has installed over 29,000,000 square feet of successful SIP projects.


Our management team has built hundreds of conventional and SIP projects - we provide expertise in Design, Engineering, Installation and Construction Management - we are extremely competitive and all of our projects have been 'on-time' and 'on-budget.' 

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We provide consulting services to some of the largest and most experienced architctural and development firms in the U.S. - our record is impressive and we are always able to find a better and more efficient way to build!

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